Astrologer in USA

Astrology is older than civilization itself but the world still follows its predictions. It forms the connection between science and art and combines astronomy, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, religion, psychology, mythology and symbolism. Astrology also puts a lot of controversial issues. How do heavenly bodies affect the personality of the individual at the time of his birth? Is it really horoscope Map soul? It is indeed possible to predict future events? Astrology is alleged determinism is incompatible with free will of man? Astrology was undoubtedly its charlatans, as well as medicine leech had a quack. However, in its noblest form can help others make informed decisions about fundamental issues of life.Here we introduce you with Mr. Ankush Sharma well known astrologer in USA; who is a gold medalist in astrology predictions have blessed by God in serving the society with worthy services. His complete family is in the same field where Mr. Ankush Sharma has got his astrology education from his father who is well known as pioneer in astrology world.