Astrology by Name and Date of Birth

The branch of astrology, which uses the name and the date of birth of a person, for making astrological calculations and predictions, and also for offering solutions to problems related with various areas of life, is more prominently called as Numerology. This numerology, the ancient and well-tested science of numbers has been hugely popular and reliable in India, Egypt, China, Greece, and numerous countries of Europe. The solutions and predictions provided based on this numerology, have been highly accurate, effective, and thus, dependable. Therefore, in this webpage, we are presenting very sumptuous and beneficial information about astrology by name and date of birth and time, to help troubled people of the world over. Here, it may be mentioned that, our world-famous and one of the top and leading astrologers of India and the world, inseparably include numerology, to enrich this gamut of impeccable and miraculous solutions for happiness, success, and prosperity of the people worldwide.The astrology or numerology, based on the name and date of birth, makes constructive and profitable uses of the specific vibratory frequencies or powers of the numbers derived from the name (preferably the full name) and the date of birth of a person. Numerologists do believe in the fact that the hidden and esoteric frequencies or powers contained by these two main numbers essentially influence and affect various things of the entire life of the concerned person.