Kundali Doshaj & Remedies

Discover various kundli doshas and remedies in astrology. Marriage is not only the union of two bodies, but it is the union of two souls. If two people together in the ritual of the sacred marriage, it affects not only the two people, but also their family, relatives and friends. Many people get in the process of marriage and especially the couple who married affected. But sometimes, marriage is not working properly. Even if boy and girl work seems carefully have some sort of problems between them. Often there would be misunderstandings, mistrust, lack of happiness between the couple, etc.. This affects not only the boy and the girl but their families also.

Some conflicts in the Kundalis the boy and the girl was due in marriage the presence of trouble. Maybe their Gunn Milan shows no harmony between the couple by comparison of less number of points or other doshas would be present in the Kundali. The doshas that can occur could be

• Tara Dosha
• Rashish Maitri Dosha
• Nadi Dosha
• Bhakoot Dosha

These are also known as the Kundali Dosha post marriage and its effects are problems in the marriage arise and create problems between the couple. Sometimes the remains of the Mangal Dosha may be present after marriage.

These doshas caused by the planetary movements. In these cases, the presence of certain planets and stars is in certain conflict. The presence of these contradictory positions randomly to collect all the negative energies and negative forces, and the impact on the marriage. The presence of Nadi Dosha in kundali example creates the problems of mutual trust between the couple. Presence of Nadi dosha in marriage can be the reason of the lack of understanding between the couple. Sometimes children are also affected because of Nadi Dosha. Offspring produced in this marriage will be physically and emotionally weak. And sometimes, the couple also suffers the problem of the offspring conflict. The consequences of the presence of these doshas could be serious. You could also result in situations of marriage on the verge of divorce.