Nadi Astrologer

Naadi-shastra is a powerful predictive system, but it is not like regular Astrology or Palmistry. The accuracy of the reading in Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the level of mastery of the astrologer or reader with regard to the subject.

But the Agasthiya Naadi predictions have been directly handed down by the Great Saint Agasthiya, written on palm leaves, more than 4000 years ago. In fact, these are not predictions. They are recorded facts about you and your life, your past, present and future. These facts have come from the knowledge of a great soul, Saint Agasthiya, who has conquered time.

There is absolutely no ambiguity in these facts. They are crystal clear. Just reading one chapter about you will convince you how authentic they are!! Your astonishment will be boundless!By just using your thumb impression it is possible to tell everything about you, your parents, your siblings and your future. It is said that Nadi is an ancient astrology, which has been composed by great Maharishis (sages) of India in the past using their spiritual powers. Pleased with their fervent prayer and dedicated devotion, Lord Shiva bestowed on them with this remarkable skill, which is a kind of sixth sense extra sensory perception.

With the help of divine guidance, the sages created records of everyone’s past, present and future on palm leaves, which fortunately are still intact even today. These records are however not available for the world, the sages created the records for only those people who are destined to know about them. It is widely believed that these chosen souls are involuntarily attracted to read the leaves by force of circumstance or under compulsion or by severe curiosity about oneself.

Nadi astrologers take your thumb print (right hand thumb for males and left hand thumb for females) on a piece of paper. Every thumb impression can be classified into a particular category and the leafs are categorized in bundles based on the thumb imprint categories. They say that for a particular thumb impression there could be several bundles each containing many leafs with the future of various individuals.