Numerology Consultation

Numerology can most easily be described as “the study of the meaning of numbers in your life.”

Each of us comes into this world with a birth date; month, day and year, and of course, a name.

Learning the potential of each number as a living, vibratory energy in one’s life can help increase understanding and knowledge. It’s like having a map of the terrain and a current inventory on hand!

Life Path: your highway through this lifetime. It is determined by adding the numbers in one’s birthday.

Soul Urge: the total of the vowels in one’s name. Remember the Greeks, the guys who were always looking for truth, even they decided that vowels had more energy than consonants.

Quiescent Self: the total of the consonants. This often indicates the area of self-delusion.

Total Expression: the combination of Soul Urge and Quiescent Self. It is the persona or mask we wear for the outside world.

Birth Apex: a diamond shape that is created by adding and subtracting the number’s in one’s birth date. This is the part that deals with strengths and challenges one will encounter on the Highway through Life.