Political Astrology

Which planetary positions enhance a person to lead in the field of politics?

Before discussing the other planetary positions, I would like to discuss a main study of astrology. There is a study in astrology known as Gemini System in which the results are predicted on the basis of significators. The significations are defined in such a way that the planet with highest degree is called the significator of self and the planet with the second highest degree is the significator of minister. After this the significators are set in the order of brother, mother, father and Caste. The most important significator for today’s discussion is the significator of minister i.e. the planet with the second highest degree. If sun and Ascending Lunar Node are the significators of minister and also the person is interested in politics then all these arrangements result in success in the field of politics. When Ascending Lunar Mode (Rahu) is the significator of minister then the person becomes capable of forming new strategies and executing them and is also blessed with the quality of adapting situations and talk accordingly. Whereas when the father of the planets Sun is the significator of the minister then a person is destined to get higher position in politics or society.

Is birth-chart only considered to determine the political career ? Or are there other varga charts also taken for the role?

In this matter, birth-chart with some varga charts have also some importance. In birth chart, relation of seventh house with the lord of tenth house creates a successful minister. As the seventh house is tenth from the tenth house, it is seen from a special point of view and it is also considered helpful in giving a political status to a person. Sixth house is the house of occupation or service therefore if this house has a relation with tenth house or the lord of the tenth house, a person is supposed to become a leading minister while serving people or serve public after becoming a minister. If varga charts also indicate towards the same things, a person will be a politician for sure. The varga charts, which are taken in main consideration, are ‘Navamsa’ and ‘Dasamamsa’. If the position of the supportive planets of ‘Rajyogs’ of birth-chart is good in the ‘Navamsa’ chart also, the results are confirmed. Whereas ‘Dasamamsa’ Chart is examined deeply. If yogs are good or similar in all three Ascendant, Navamsa, Dasamamsa , the person is said to reach greater political heights.