Love and Relationship Problems Counseling


His love and relationship problems counseling has been perhaps the most popular and admired service in India and nations worldwide. Almost all categories of problems ever occurring in the spheres of love and relationships are adeptly solvable and removable by his impeccable and unmatched astrology solutions.

This carefully well-drafted webpage provides very beneficial and exclusive information about the efficacious and elixir astrology counseling for your life’s problems by Ajay Sharma Ji, to help the troubled people of the world over. Though almost all major and broad spheres of life can expertly be served by him, the following are some of the most popular spheres served by his astrology counseling and solutions so far.

For providing the wisest and best possible astrology counseling and suggestions for solving various problems of life, veteran and benevolent astrologer Ajay Sharma is certainly one of the best astrologers in India and the whole world at present. In offering such counseling services and surefire astrological solutions, he has an overall experience of more than two highly fertile and successful decades. The magnitude of people helped, soothed, and prospered by him so far is many millions, who belonged to places all around India and nations all across the globe.

The following are some examples of such problems solved by him:

  • Problems and disturbances to love affairs and love marriages
  • Conflicts and worsening relations with kith and kin
  • Personal, familial, and social problems of lovers or spouses
  • Increasing chances of breakup/separation/divorce
  • Difficulties associated with rekindling or reacquiring the lost love/lover
  • Cold and harsh relationships with friends, family members, neighbors, employer, relatives, business partners, etc.
  • Regular disputes and discord between husband and wife

Late or Delayed Marriage Counseling

The late or delayed marriage counseling is provided to quicken one’s marriage without any more delay or postponement. Increasing the possibilities of second marriage or enhancing the conditions favorable to this, are also quite possible. Actually, these problems occur due to some grave imperfections or doshas present in the birth chart of the person concerned.

Some most common astrological causes leading to such problems are the following:

  • Low status of the Seventh house, and that of the Lord of Seventh house in the birth chart of the person concerned.
  • Poor status of planets Venus and Jupiter, and other naturally benefic planets in the natal chart
  • Mean status of other relevant houses, such as eighth, fifth, second, tenth, eleventh, etc.
  • Presence of any doshas like the Mangal Dosha, or any pertinent Kaal Sarpa Dosha
  • Ill locations, nature, and effects of one or more malefic planets

Marriage Life Problems Counseling

The expert marriage life problems counseling is also provided after comprehensive, critical, and discerning examination and analysis of one or both the partners of married life. All most relevant houses of every natal chart, locations and effects of various planets, and astrological imperfections and doshas are analyzed.

The following problems of the married life are curable forever:

  • Gradually decreasing love and respect for the other partner of married life
  • Regular clashes or quarrels between husband and wife
  • Some deep-seated misconception about the other partner
  • Some personal, familial, occupational, or social causes affecting the domestic life
  • Constantly growing chances of unwanted separation or divorce

Extramarital and Divorce Affairs Counseling

The extramarital and divorce affairs counseling of our expert and mellowed astrologer, has also been immensely constructive and successful. Through his highly refined and infallible astrology solutions, he boasts of solving and removing almost all causes and chances of the impugned extramarital affair of the other married partner, or of the likely divorce. Solutions are provided by means of curative and beneficial gemstones, any sovereign astrology yantra (like his globally commended Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra), some specific Vedic Mantras, alleviation/nullification of doshas or harming yogas, and remedial worships and donations.

Astrology, Healing and Vashikaran Services by Astrologer Ankush Sharma Ji

Today, the astrology, healing and vashikaran services by astrologer Ankush sharma ji, are hugely popular in the majority of Indian cities, and also in numerous major cities of Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and South Africa. The outstanding and most impressing qualities or specialties of these services of him, are the following —- quick and high efficacy; generously charged services; no side effects or harmful connotations; impeccable and unmatched solutions; and worldwide credibility.

Rather wide is the range of life’s spheres served by these services of him, and extensive is the gamut of problems solvable through his solutions in every of these sphere.

These problems include the following broad categories of problems, besides all above-mentioned problems:

  • Progeny related problems
  • Health, well-being, and vitality
  • Various ailments and diseases
  • Apathy towards school or college education
  • Obscurities regarding the education/professional life and chances of studies abroad
  • Problems to flourishing and enrichment of love between two persons
  • Disturbances or obstacles to the arranged marriages, love marriages, and inter-caste marriages
  • Ignorance about the most suitable and lucrative occupation/profession
  • All problems and quarrels probable in the married life and domesticity
  • Problems of struggling careers or celebrities
  • Hindrances and problems associated with businesses/professions
  • Unwanted breakup, separation, or even divorce
  • Problems caused by the extramarital affair of any spouse, or a triangular love
  • Hassles or obscurities associated with how to rekindle or reacquire the lost love or lover
  • Financial uncertainties, stringencies, or fluctuations
  • Risks and insecurities associated with new business ventures or investments
  • Confusions regarding the fruitfulness of the desired tours and travels
  • Curiosities about the most productive and happy spells of life and occupation
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