Reiki and Mind Power

Put simply, esoteric and highly efficacious Reiki is an age-old Japanese technique of healing, developing immense mind power, and attaining high levels of consciousness. Through using the universal life energy of an individual, Reiki promotes proper and impeccable balance within our whole system – body, mind, and soul. Through this world-famous technique cleansing of the Aura and Chakras [the energy centers in the body] is quite possible, and diversion of energy in the right or desired direction is also feasible. Moreover, Reiki also gives information about the ways of dispelling the negative energy out of the body, and infusing positive energy into the body. Thus, Reiki is certainly a great and highly elegant means for relieving people of their diverse bodily and mental stresses and troubles, healing their health and vitality, and making them more intelligent, happy, and long-living.