Remedial Astrology

Benefic planets are more protected to fortify as opposed to malefics like Saturn notwithstanding when they are feeble. Examination of the birth outline is required for figuring out which planetary impact is tormenting, for instance a feeble Sun and powerless Mars have same signs as they both demonstrate a low fire and frail will, however the distinction is that a powerless Sun gives a poor mental self view and frail Mars may give absence of inspiration.

Now and again utilize jewels or herbs can be more destructive than utilization of mantras, generally mantras are utilized to avert planetary impacts burdening us, similar to a solid Rahu or Saturn. Ordinarily it is not prudent to reinforce such planets with jewels and herbs. Yantras too are helpful and don’t have any reactions and must be utilized for planets burdening us. On the off chance that we utilize pearls, the nature of diamonds and how we energies it is imperative. Pearls can work both on the higher or lower base of the planet, contingent upon how you utilize them. Utilized wrongly the jewels can confound or aggravate one on the astral level which is the reason it is vital to clear and enable them with mantras.

On the off chance that Moon is powerless (when winding down or in Scorpio), one will be restless, need in passionate soundness, fear closeness, have frail feelings and have pallor, dry skin, obstruction or feeble lungs. Pearls set in silver when Moon is in Taurus or Cancer might be utilized on the ring finger. On the off chance that torment from mucus or edema abstain from utilizing pearls. Stay away from dull and dark hues. Herbs like comfrey root, solomon’s seal, musali and shatavari are useful. The mantra for the Moon is OM SOMAYA NAMAHA.

On the off chance that Mars is frail (in Cancer) or aspected by malefics a red coral might be utilized in the event that one is not experiencing fevers, ulcers, draining or intemperate sexual drive. Dim hues, grays and tans, yellows must be stayed away from. Herbs like saffron and cinnamom might be utilized as a part of blend with ashwagandha, guggul or ginseng. Turmeric, onions and garlic is likewise great. Numerical yantras are additionally utilized, planetary yantras are recorded in copper and these can likewise be utilized for filtering water. Yantras must be empowered occasionally like gemstones. Gold and silver yantras are accepted to have more power and furthermore don’t have symptoms like jewels.