Success in Competitive Exams

You should offer water to the Sun in copper or clay urn. Chant Gayatri mantra while offering water. You should change your routine. Do not awake till late night.


You should take care of your blood circulation. Do not let it down. You can take walk on grass without wearing shoes. Do not think too much about future. Parents should encourage their children. Children whose Mars is weak they cannot take pressure. In this case, take raisins and soak it in water or milk and eat it.

Take root of Ashwagandha and tie up in blue color cloth. Wear it in your throat. It is very important for those whose Moon and Ketu are weak. It is also beneficial for those who become nervous easily. Children should take care of their food habits. You should eat normal food. Do not eat junk food. When Moon is impaired then you get digestive problem. People become nervous or too much excited.

Children should donate comb, oil, almond, black clothes and coconut to poor people on Saturdays. If you’re not getting success in competitive exams even though your hard work then you should do fast on Sunday. Do not eat pulse on Sunday. You can donate jaggery or sugar cane products. You can setup water tank or hand pump.

You should wear silver in any form. You can wear silver ring, silver chain or drink water in silver glass. You can help physically challenged or handicapped people on Saturday. You can drink Amla juice with water. Drink a cup of Aloevera after 5 minutes of it. Take 5 almonds, 1 walnut and grind them.

Drink this mixture with milk. Take warm water mixing raisins and asafetida. Drink this mixture at night. Keep Silver Square along with you when you’re going for exams. You can wear silver ring in thumb.