Vashikaran Mantra By Photo baba ji UK USA Canada

Photo Vashikaran Mantra , hypnotism is useful and a hope for those people who having not much information about their lover, husband or wife. birth detail is very important to find the problems exactly and to solve it permanent but if you do not have the birth detail, only photograph available so you are eligible to do Vashikaran By Photo vashikaran spell. in powerful photo vashikaran mantra you need picture of your beloved, his name, his present location and your own picture. To cast photo love spell over loved one. you need some red fragrance candle which you can from market. You need photograph of lord shiva, shkti goddess Parwatidevi, lord mohini devi, durga, bharavi all picture of the gods should be framed in golden read frame. Keep all those picture in que as circle and in center make a pentagram from Sindur. in all pointes of pentagrams, light candles and keep photo of your loved one in the circle of candles, in the center of pentagram, also keep any used jewellry of hair of cloth piece – any one object – over photo also | not over face | now first of all, seat at front of it and do shiva mantra, Garland 108 times, after thet, goddess Parwati mantra, lord Mohinidevi mantra, durges mantras, bharvi mantra, | 108 chants for each god _ using sudraksh rosary. After that sprinkle some rice and yellow mustard over the photograph of loved one. take red thread and infuse it using the vashikaran mantra 108 times to tied it with your photograph, when tied keep again in the pentagram circle. After that pour some wax from the candles over the tied photograph and show incense and sprinkle rose oil perfume over it. Now keep it again in the circle of the pentagram and do this mantras 11011 times to make your spell activate and work over the person. when finished, leave the candle and vidhi saver all articles there in the lightning and working postition, at next secend day. after nath. take the red thread toed photos and tie also the used object of beloved which you kept in the spell and tied it using red thread, make 11 knots over it and keep near the photos of your gods which used in the spell. daily light red candele over the photo, and pray to make desired man or women in favor.