Vastu specialist and Vastu Services

Derived from Sthapathya Veda, Vastu Shastra is an ancient and immensely beneficial science concerned with utilizing the positive energies of the nature and minimizing or eliminating the negative ones, through constructing homes and other building as per the knowledge given by this well-tested science. Thus, this age-old and esoteric science enables people to live or work in concrete or other structures, which are optimally or maximally favorable to peace, health, creativity, and success in life. This shastra believes that a home built not in compliance with the principles of this, is most likely to affect adversely the thoughts, deeds, health, and all auspicious things of its residents. Consequently, the residents of such a wrongly-built home are most likely to suffer from illnesses, financial losses, medical or legal problems, problems caused by fire or water, restlessness, regular clamor and clashes, quarrels and fighting, and even untimely death of any person.