What is Shani Sade Sati Dosha

Shani sade sati dosha shows the possibility of diverse troubles to a person during 2700-day transit of planet Saturn in his/her birth chart from 12th and 1st houses to the 2nd house. The sade sati of shani  is regarded as being very formidable period, especially when the overall status of Saturn in his/her birth chart is poor.In Vedic Astrology and Hinduism, planet Saturn (Shani) is regarded as being the god of Karmic Retribution and Justice. Since the seven-and-half- year transit period of shani from the 12th and 1st houses to the 2nd house from the natal Moon in one’s birth chart is regarded as being critical and very rectifying, this shani sade sati  is commonly considered as a very formidable period in the life of a person. During this 71/2 years, likely are various internal and external problems to the native, which could be mild or grueling depending upon the position and nature of the Saturn in one’s natal chart and many other astrological factors. The external problems could relate with money and finances, career, business, relationships, and worldly prosperity; while the internal troubles may affect adversely the mental peace and health.